Chef begins with bright frosting. Once she finishes decorating it, it's a total stunner

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There are so many elements that go into planning a party. From picking a venue, to buying decorations, to arranging the food, the process can be quite exhausting when it's all said and done. Accepting help is one of the best things a person can do when organizing an event; it doesn't only help in relieving duties, but it also helps make for a better party all around.
Since everyone either attends or organizes a party at some point or another, we'd like to give you a helping hand in the area of desserts, or rather Rosie from Rosie's Dessert Spot would. According to her website, the talented baker has been passionate about food since she was a little girl. In addition to managing a YouTube channel, Rosie also runs her own online bakery.
The following watercolor drip cake is a perfect example of the level of fun and creativity Rosie infuses into her delicious desserts. The talented baker begins by stacking three layers of cake on top of one another and coating the cake with frosting.
After freezing the frosting-coated cake for 10-15 minutes, Rosie proceeds to apply another layer of frosting in the color turquoise, thoroughly coating the cake so that the application looks seamless.
From there, Rosie starts having some fun with her cake. She applies various colors of frosting around the cake in splotches, creating an odd-looking, yet dazzling design. This design becomes even more stunning when Rosie spins the cake while pressing a bench scraper against the sides, making sure to switch directions at every rotation. This is the technique that creates the watercolor effect.
Lastly, Rosie pours melted chocolate over the top of the cake, allowing it to drip down the sides. She then tops the cake with big, colorful lollipops, bits of frosting, and decorative stars. ​
Watch the tutorial below to learn how to make this gorgeous watercolor drip cake straight from Rosie's kitchen.
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