Gorgeous floral cake flaunts dazzling basketweave design you can do yourself

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Looking for a super simple, yet elegant cake design? You’ve come to the right place. Gretchen from Gretchen’s Bakery posted an amazing tutorial on creating an elegant cake with a basketweave design that looks like it came straight out of “The Secret Garden.”
Gretchen says on her website that this cake is perfect for beginners. It’s also a good choice for those short on time as it really only takes about 15 minutes to give a cake this stunning look.
You can use your favorite cake recipe to make a cake with a basketweave design. Gretchen used a white cake recipe. This is a layered cake, so you’ll need to make a couple of layers. Gretchen uses three in her tutorial. In between the layers she uses a strawberry buttercream that she added red food coloring to. She said she added the red splash of color so that she would get more of a "wow" effect when she cut into the cake.
After she stacks the layers and tucks the buttercream in between the layers, she adds a rough crumb coat. The crumb coat is thin so that the cake isn’t too heavy icing-wise. After she adds the crumb coat, she gets to work adding the basket weave design.
She said she used an extra large basketweave tip. If you are familiar with specific types of tips, Gretchen said you should use the Ateco 898 tip. She used the basketweave tip in a crosshatch manner to ice the cake on the sides. Then she added frozen buttercream roses to the sides and tops. Then finishing by adding green flourishes resembling leaves for a final touch and she was done.
Check out the video below to see how Gretchen did it.
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Cake decorating is an art. Fortunately, not an art that is impossible to replicate. This beautiful, but simple, cake design is great beginners because the technique makes it a little easier to hide mistakes.
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This cake is so pretty! While this particular recipe calls for rose pink coloring (to get a pretty pink ombre), you can swap it out for blue or purple or green.
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Sometimes, when a recipe is so easy to make, it just tastes even better.
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The final ingredient is the key in making a fantastic dish that can never be replicated in a canned variety.
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