How to make a pink ombre cake

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This cake is so pretty! While this particular recipe calls for rose pink coloring (to get a pretty pink ombre), you can swap it out for blue or purple or green. This is a great way to personalize a baby shower cake or birthday cake. The pretty petal shapes add extra texture to contrast the soft colors of the cake.
Check out the instructions below, and don't forget to watch How to Cook That's video at the end for a few extra tips for making this cake perfect for your next get-together.
Pink ombre cake
Preparation time: 60 minutes
Total time: 2 hours
Serves: 8 to 10
Three 7-inch round sponge cakes (baked and cooled)
Buttercream (triple batch)
1 bottle of food coloring (to achieve How to Cook That's look, use rose pink, or substitute color of choice)
5 plastic bags
Plate or cake stand
1. Make a triple batch of basic buttercream and set aside one-third to remain white.
2.Add a drop or two of your color into the frosting and mix well. Remove a good amount of frosting and set aside in a separate bowl.
3. Add a little more of the food coloring and mix. Remove some frosting and set it aside.
4. Repeat until you have five different shades of the same color.
5. Place each color in a separate plastic bag and set them aside.
6. Add a small amount of the white buttercream to your plate or cake stand, and place your first layer of cake on top. Cover the top of that layer with more white buttercream and add your next layer. Repeat until all three layers are stacked.
7. Smooth a layer of the white frosting on the top and sides (to create a crumb coat) of your cake.
8. Cut off a corner of each bag so you can pipe the frosting onto the cake. Cut the same-size corner on each bag for consistency. Twist the top of your bag to put pressure on the frosting (this makes things easier as you go along).
9. Begin with your lightest color and put blobs of frosting all along the top edge of your cake.
10. Take a teaspoon and press gently in the middle of a blob and drag downward so the frosting smears. Do this all the way around your cake.
11. Add your next color (the one that is just a shade darker than the previous) to the ends of your smeared blobs. Cover the smeared portions that look a bit messy. Repeat step 10 with that color.
12. Repeat the previous steps with each color. Your darkest color will serve as blobs along the very bottom of your cake.
Serve on a pretty plate for an eye-catching treat!
Pro tip: For smoother smears, dip your spoon in hot water before dragging your frosting down.
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