Cooktop Cove: Dessert-lover makes funky leopard cake by using a technique you can replicate
By Tiffany Orr
Jenn Johns of Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio posted a tutorial on YouTube for a rainbow cake that will make you want to roar. The colorful cake is full-on leopard. It has leopard spots on the outside and leopard spots on the inside when you slice into it. It is easy to make and needs very little prep beforehand.
To make the cake, you need food coloring, buttercream icing, and batter. You’ll take the batter and put it into separate bowls. In each bowl, you’ll add dye and mix it with the batter. Once the batter and coloring are thoroughly mixed, you pop it into a piping bag. You have to do the same thing for the icing.
Making the cake itself looks amazingly simple. You spread a thin layer of white batter in the bottom of a round cake pan. Then you make concentric circles on top with each bag of colored batter. You may have to repeat this process a couple of times depending on the number of layers you want for your cake.
Jenn made a three layer cake, so she repeated the process three times. Jenn then stacked the cooled, freshly baked cake layers. She put a layer of vanilla buttercream in between each layer. Then she used her piping bags filled with colored buttercream to decorate the outside. She used her icing smoother to smooth things out, then she finished the design by adding funky black spot designs with the black buttercream.
Jen's process takes a little time, so if you're short on time, then a fondant covered cake with painted-on leopard spots might be best for you.
If you've got the time, go for Jenn's leopard cake. Jenn used six colors--purple,pink , orange, yellow and blue—to make her cake. She used a sixth color, black, for the spots. Obviously, if you make this cake, you can choose an alternate color for your spots. For the icing, Jenn used a vanilla buttercream, and used a white cake batter for the cake itself.
Watch Jenn make this awesome cake below.
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